Luma is a sustainability company with a hyperfocus on hydration. We have this ambitious idea of reimagining the way we access drinking water. The world needs access to pure water, and we need to be able to provide that access in a sustainable way.

We’ve spent too much time watching bottled water destroy our environment and affect our health. We believe in a future where access to clean water is abundant, convenient, and not reliant on plastic.

Luma is being built to develop that belief into a new reality. This is only the beginning.




Willy grew up on the coast of California and fell in love with the ocean, surfing competitively throughout his life. His love for the ocean is what led to the idea for Luma, after becoming aware of the detrimental impact plastic pollution was having on our water and marine life.

Willy studied at Brigham Young University where he began work on the idea for Luma.



Jaden has always been passionate for meaningful innovation designed to address big problems. At an early age, he took an interest in the concept of eliminating plastic-bottled water, fully convinced his adulthood should be free of single-use plastic bottles.

Jaden studied finance and technology innovation at the University of Connecticut.


Laguna Beach, CA - Willy’s Hometown

Growing up in Laguna Beach, California, the ocean became a second home to Willy. Struggling with depression and diagnosed OCD, Willy turned to competitive surfing as his coping method. Becoming more aware of the detrimental impact plastic pollution was having on the ocean, Willy made a point to avoid plastic bottles at all costs, but struggled mentally because of his concern of bacteria.

Willy conceived the idea for Luma in order to provide himself a way to hydrate sustainably while addressing his concern of bacteria buildup and contamination.

A bottle concept by Jaden at 14 years old

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, Jaden had grown interested in reusable water bottles. He thought that at a point in time, we’d see a world where bottled water from single-use plastics would no longer exist, and that innovating the reusable water bottle was how we’d get there.

What amazed him was how we were watching reusable water bottles become so widely adopted, yet from a functional standpoint, there was hardly any meaningful innovation taking place. Reusable bottles really hadn’t seen any major changes. This always stood out, mainly because it was clear that reusable bottles weren’t solving the problem. Consumption of bottled water from single-use plastics had continued to heighten with no signs of slowing down.

Willy began working on Luma while a student at BYU. In his first year, he began networking with engineering and design students to find support in building this idea. After a little over a year, the prototype concept was ready for production.

In early 2019, Willy turned to Kickstarter for the funding needed to get this off the ground. Jaden was in his junior year at UConn looking for innovative technology early in its development, when he came across Luma just days after Willy had created the page.

Jaden and Willy got to know each other over the course of the next two years while Willy grinded through the prototype manufacturing process.

Willy at BYU in 2018


Willy and Jaden teamed up on March 4, 2021.

Luma Hydration was incorporated 5 months later.