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Free Product - Pink

Free Product - Pink

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    Luma utilizes UV-C light technology in order to eradicate microorganisms, resulting in the treatment of any bacterial contamination that may be present in your drinking water.


    Regular use of UV-C light prevents any mold or bacteria buildup within the unit, due to the eradication of any bacteria at the point of its formation.


    Luma provides portable access to bacteria-free drinking water without the chemicals used in the production of bottled water’s plastic packaging.

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Coming Soon: Luma Carbon

We're currently working on the development of Luma Carbon, an alternate cap that holds an activated carbon block for additional water filtration.

Users of Luma 1.0 will be eligible for a discounted product upgrade and will be notified when Luma Carbon is available.

To read more about carbon filtration, visit our Technology Page.

Expected in 2023