Luma 1.0


Luma 1.0 is a self-cleaning, vacuum insulated water bottle that integrates UV-C light technology to eradicate up to 99.99% of bacteria from the unit's water contents and interior surface.

Product Details

Vacuum Insulated

8 x 8 x 32 CM

USB-C Charging

Space Gray

20 Fluid Oz

Sustainable Packaging


Water in its purest form...

everywhere you go.

Luma provides portable access to pure drinking water, so you can stay hydrated with convenience and confidence.

Helping hydrate some incredible people.

  • John Vanderlaan

    Professional Golf

  • Richard Hamilton

    Professional Basketball

  • Jack Flood

    USA Decathlete

  • Isaac Rochell

    Professional Football

  • Jordan McCabe

    NCAA Basketball

  • Rudy Gay

    Professional Basketball

"Unreal unboxing experience and excited to enjoy clean, bacteria free tap water from here on out."

-Ryan G.

"Finally took my Luma bottle in to the wilds of Bolinas. Good to know my water has been cleansed of all bacteria by the UV-C light built into the bottle. And it looks damn good!"

-Josh F.

"Just got my Luma bottle. Already put this bad boy to use... Good to know the UV-light made my water clean, drinkable, and bacteria-free. Got a few compliments about the design as well!"

-Jay Y.

Frequently Asked Questions

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